17:00REGISTRATION – Entrance Hall at Faculty of Chemical Technology, Studentská 573, Pardubice (1st floor)
18:00GET-TOGETHER PARTY – Lecture Hall C1 (1st floor)
9:00OPENING CEREMONY – Lecture Hall C1 (1st floor)
9:15HOMAGE to Prof. Karel Vytřas and Prof. Valerija Gužvanj
  SESSION 1      Sensors I                              Chairs: Łukawska A., Vlahović F.
9:45Farag Amir Shaaban
  Development of carbon nanotube based sensor for determination of antiarrhythmic drug propafenone in pharmaceutical and biological samples
10:05 Šekuljica Sanja
  Comparison of two imidazolium ionic liquids modified carbon paste electrodes for trace level voltammetric determination of dopamine
10:25Sedlar Andrea
  Preparation of a novel membranes for ion-selective electrodes for iron determination based on iron(II) sulfide and silver sulfide
10:45– 11:05  COFFEE BREAK
SESSION 2      Electrochemistry I              Chairs: Zrinski I., Farag A. S.
11:05Łukawska Anna
  Influence of constant magnetic field on electrochemical oxidation of sulfonamides.
11:25Gričar Ema
  Electrochemical characterization of ferrocene derivate of glyphosate and its degradation product
11:45 Jashari Granit
  Possibilities of simultaneous voltammetric detection of tocopherols in non-aqueous media
12:05– 14:00  LUNCH
SESSION 3      Separation Methods I        Chairs: Rijavec T., Šulc J.
14:00Pavlin Anže
  LC-MS analysis of glycolysis metabolites using HILIC
14:20Frühbauerová Michaela
  UHPLC analysis and antioxidant activity of carob powder
14:40Doležánová Pavla
  Separation of natural dyes using two-dimensional liquid chromatography
15:00– 15:20  COFFEE BREAK
SESSION 4      Separation Methods II       Chairs: Frühbauerová M., Pavlin A.
15:20 Warzechová Petra
  Optimization of liquid chromatographic separation of benzodiazepines
15:40Rijavec Tjaša
  Oxidative degradation of spermine and spermidine
16:00Presentation by INFINEON
16:30 Presentation by METROHM
19:00SUPERVISORS DINNER – Restaurant U Dvou Kohoutků, Smilova 364
SESSION 5      Separation Methods III      Chairs: Smělá D., Metarapi D.
9:00Šulc Jakub
  Spatial distinguishing of larch wood samples using volatile compounds fingerprinting
9:20 Řebíčková Kristýna
  Comparison of chemical composition and biological properties of essential oils obtained by hydrodistillation and steam distillation of Laurus nobilis L.
9:40 Machová Martina
  Volatile substances released from onion
10:00Janečková Michaela
  Quality control of antidiabetic drugs using isotachophoresis
10:20– 10:40  COFFEE BREAK
SESSION 6      Other Methods                   Chairs: Janečková M., Řebíčková K.
10:40Vlahović Filip
Exploring anatomy of experiment with DFT: quantitative structure-activity relationship of substituted arylazo pyridine dyes in photocatalytic reaction
11:00Metarapi Dino
Advanced imaging of nanoparticles in biomaterials – data processing in laser ablation–single particle–ICPMS
11:20Šťovíčková Eliška
Phosphorylation of tau protein by soluble and immobilized kinases
11:40Smělá Denisa
  Micro-RNA isolation using TiO2 materials
12:00– 14:00  LUNCH
SESSION 7      Sensors II                              Chairs: Morawska K., Festinger N.
14:00Zrinski Ivana
  Evaluation of total antioxidant capacity in beverages based on laccase immobilized on screen-printed carbon electrode modified with graphene nanoplatelets and gold nanoparticles
14:20Kaczmarek Katarzyna
  Electrochemical determination of clorsulon using modified with single-walled carbon nanotubes glassy carbon electrode
14:40Djurdjic Sladjana
  Enzymatic polyphenol index biosensor based on graphene nanoplatelets decorated with MnO2 nanoparticles. Preparation, characterization and analytical application
15:00– 15:20  COFFEE BREAK
SESSION 8      Electrochemistry II            Chairs: Djurdjic S., Kaczmarek K.
15:20Morawska Kamila
  Application of silver amalgam film electrode to study DNA-herbicides interactions
15:40Kołodziejczyk Karina
  Electrodeposition of metals with different magnetic properties in constant magnetic field
16:00 Festinger Natalia
  Voltammetric determination of mandipropamid on edge-plane pyrolytic graphite electrode
19:00CONFERENCE DINNER – Na Staré Rybárně, Bulharská 1784
10:00OPTIONAL EXCURSION – Sightseeing tour to old city of Pardubice and chateau